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A good garden design can help prevent rats

Rats like cover which protects them from predators. They also like to follow the contours of a wall or building, so if you have undergrowth next to your house, or a garden wall, you have create an environment where rats can flourish.

The picture below shows an example of a well designed garden to keep out rats, the walls are mainly clear of undergrowth which leaves rats vulnerable. There is also no clutter where rats can run to take refuge.

Pest Control Bucks can provide you with advice on garden design to prevent rat problems.

Well designed gardens prevent rats
Well designed gardens can help prevent rats
Unkempt gardens are ideal for rats to thrive in
Unkempt gardens are ideal for rats to thrive in

Rat Prevention and Drainage Surveys

A rat infestation is not always associated with the drains, but it is essential that your Pest Control Technician is able to identify when it is and has the expertise to deal with it.

Pest Control solutions for defective drains do not have to be lengthy or expensive. But the problem needs to be identified quickly, accurately and acted upon.

See an example of a Survey of Domestic Drainage System in Great Missenden

Rat Control Bucks

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Why are rats a problem?

Rats live comfortably in both urban and rural environments, so long as there is both harbourage (shelter) and ready access to food and water. They are largely nocturnal.

Rats contaminate everywhere they go with their droppings, urine and hairs. They carry a wide range of harmful diseases such as Toxoplasmosis and Weil’s Disease (Leptospirosis), which can prove fatal to humans.

It is important when eradicating Rats that all the animals are eliminated. Rats achieve sexual maturity at two months and are able to produce seven litters of 8-10 offspring a year. If one pair survives they can produce 432 rats in only six months.

Most commercial baits claim to be effective against both rats and mice, although the level of susceptibility to the toxicants, as well as the attractiveness and palatability of the bait formulation varies between species and even between individuals of the same species.

Rats display a number of characteristics, which make eradication difficult. Two such characteristics are ‘neophobia’ – the avoidance of new objects such as a bait box and ‘learned aversion’, sometimes known as ‘bait shyness’. They communicate their aversions to others in their social group. Rats often move food to safety and hoard it prior to eating -just because bait is being taken does not mean it is being eaten.

Rats have gnawed through the lid of this wheelie bin in Uxbridge South Bucks
Rats have gnawed through the lid of this wheelie bin in Uxbridge

Once these characteristics are recognised, they can be exploited by ensuring the correct bait selection.  The complete eradication of Rats from a given area is a complicated process and requires an experienced and competent technician.

An environmental assessment should always be conducted when using poisons, to minimise adverse effects on non-target species. The Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) has produced a code of good practice to enable safe use of poison baits.

Poison bait often needs to be used in conjunction with other methods such as trapping, to confirm species identification and ensure complete eradication. The control methods used will depend upon:

The scale of the infestation
The nature of the infested site
The risk to humans and non-target wildlife, pets and livestock
The competence and experience of the person doing the job

At Pest Control Bucks we have both the training and expertise to ensure safe and effective treatment of a Rat infestation. Once eradicated we will advise on prevention methods such as physical exclusion and habitat modification.

Metal grates were placed beneath this bird-feeder in Beaconsfield South Bucks to deter rats but they simply burrowed beneath them
Metal grates were placed beneath this bird-feeder in Beaconsfield to deter rats but they simply burrowed beneath them.

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