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Mice carry the same diseases as rats and are more likely to transmit infections because they are bolder and more curious; they come closer to you, your food, your cutlery and your work surfaces. They will contaminate your food preparation areas with urine and faeces spreading the bacteria salmonellosis, which causes food poisoning. Their constant gnawing can cause damage to your property – rodent damage to electrical wiring has been known to cause house fires.

This pipe from a house in Chesham has been damaged by mice
This pipe from a house in Chesham has been damaged by mice

Mice are difficult to control; population reduction should be the goal. This can be done effectively by trapping and poison-baiting. The key to success, as with many aspects of pest control, is selecting the right type of bait and placing it in the right places. Some Mice species will take food and hoard it – just because bait is being taken does not mean it is being eaten. Although most poison baits will prove effective against most rodents, the way it is presented is the key to success. It doesn’t work if its not being eaten!

We will also advise on proofing, to reduce the risk of Mice from entering your home again.

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