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Remember: When you call for Fox Control you will speak to the Fox Control specialist not a call centre, if we don’t answer your call we are probably busy catching Foxes so please leave us a message and we will call you back.

Pest Control Bucks is a family-run service based in Farnham Common, South Buckinghamshire – We are registered in England with the Company Registration No. 07445744.

Fox Control Bucks

Why should you control Foxes?

Foxes will damage your lawn, foul on your patio and driveway and breach or damage fencing through digging. At night they cause disturbance from their raucous screaming and barking. They carry and spread disease – foot and mouth; rabies; sarcoptic mange; fleas, and parasitic worms (roundworm/tapeworm). These can be passed on to domestic pets and humans. Foxes have been known to enter homes in search of food.

What can you do if you have fox problems?

Pest Control Bucks will carry out a site survey and risk assessment, then consult with you to decide on the best course of action. We are often asked if a Fox that we remove will simply be replaced by another? This may happen if nothing is done to prevent it. We will advise on what steps you can take to help prevent another Fox taking the place of the one we have removed.

How do we remove your Fox?

The most effective method is a Fox cage. The cage is disguised, baited and checked regularly. When captured the Fox will be removed from the premises and humanely despatched. The capture and release of urban Foxes is not recommended on welfare grounds, and could in certain cases be an offence under The Animal Welfare Act 2006. It is currently illegal to poison, or gas a Fox. Shooting and snaring are unlikely to be appropriate methods of control in urban settings. An experienced, qualified technician will carry out a site survey and recommend the most appropriate method of control.

To discuss your Fox problem you can call Ged:

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Proud Members of NPTA

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