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About Glis Glis
The Glis Glis is a small but very destructive rodent. Lord Rothschild introduced them to his estate in Tring, Hertfordshire at the beginning of the last century. From a small number that escaped, there are now estimated to be well in excess of 10,000 living in our attics, having spread as far as Burnham to the South, Luton to the East and Aylesbury to the West.

Elsewhere in the country nobody has heard of them.
Glis Glis is also known as the edible or fat dormouse as Ancient Romans considered it a delicacy.

How do you know if you have Glis Glis?

The gnawing of this pipe insulation in a loft in Great Missenden is typical of glis glis

The gnawing of this pipe insulation in a loft in Great Missenden is typical of glis glis

Glis Glis resemble small squirrels. They are grey in colour, with bushy tails and large eyes. An adult male will reach about 8-10 inches in length. They are only active from late May to late October. For the remaining seven months of the year they hibernate.

Glis Glis are predominantly nocturnal and although daytime sightings are reported, these are mostly towards the end of the season. Most customers report scratching noises coming from their attic or wall cavities. Some discover signs of gnawing in their attic – pipe insulation is a favourite.They will become very intrusive, often venturing into kitchens and other rooms. They are extremely agile climbers and will get into kitchen cupboards where they leave their droppings. Occasionally they can be vocal, making a ‘woofle woofle’ sound, although this is much less common.

Glis Glis eat fruit, seeds and nuts and are renowned for stripping bark from young trees. As with all rodents, they gnaw continuously. They cause significant damage and can pose a fire-hazard by gnawing electric cables.

What do you do if you suspect you have Glis Glis?

The Glis Glis is protected under The Wildlife and Countryside Act. This means that only pest control companies such as Pest Control Bucks, who are authorised under licence, can trap them. We notify NATURAL ENGLAND (who manage wildlife on behalf of DEFRA) of all Glis Glis we capture in order that they can maintain accurate records of how far they have spread.

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